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About Me

Who am I?

I’m Faye —a professional copywriter, blogger, SEO enhancer, and all-around marketing wizard. I’m also a sloth enthusiast with a taste for gin and tonic. Friends and family know me as a comic extrovert who laughs at her own jokes, a pun aficionado, and a fabulous baker.

Where am I?
Horncastle is home


I live in the rural market town of Horncastle, Lincolnshire. Famous for its standing in the antiques community, the non-commercialised little haven in the Wolds is where I first got Sloth and Quill off the ground.

Sloth and Quill has a Lincoln office

I can usually be found in my co-working office in Lincoln—the Co-Creative. This gives me a professional space to meet with clients and the daily opportunity to share ideas and experience with other freelancers. The lunchtime shopping trips and next door bakery are also a huge plus.

My background

BA French and Russian from the University of Cambridge

Five years ago, I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in French and Russian. After that, I had a series of jobs, from creating an online Russian course to acting as the Editing Manager for a company that created course materials for Australian Universities, to a PA for the General Manager of a water filtration company.

A lifelong love of writing

Through it all, I kept coming back to writing. Sometimes I’d be freelancing full-time, and sometimes I’d be writing around a full-time job in another industry. But always, I was working towards my goal of gaining enough experience and testimonials to push forward with my passion.

Building experience in every niche

To date, I’ve written over 100 novels for my clients worldwide as a ghostwriter. But that’s not the extent of my expertise. I’ve produced copy for every niche imaginable from heated floors to adult toys, and holiday rental websites to trivia for board game manufacturers.

Conquering SEO

More recently, I’ve been building my skill around SEO, and recently completed my Yoast Academy qualification in SEO Copywriting. This is just another feather in my marketing hat.

Becoming a marketer

Now I work in the marketing industry, primarily as a Creative Copywriter. I write web content and advertising copy, create blogs, ebooks and manuals, and produce content for all kinds of print, such as brochures, posters, flyers and more.

My customers
Sloth and Quill supports SMEs, start-ups and sole traders

Unlike some of the larger marketing agencies, my niche is helping SMEs, start-ups and sole traders who either don’t have the expertise or don’t have the time to promote themselves. I prefer a one-on-one close relationship with my clients where we have the time and the rapport to grow a business together.

Working with small budgets

I find that smaller enterprises like these simply don’t have the resources for an in-house marketer and can’t afford to pay hundreds, or even thousands, to an agency each month.

This is where I come in. I’ll write a single blog article, or I’ll write every word of your website. A quick SEO review, or a full battle plan. I really can work with any level of experience and any budget.

I’m ideal for those business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t want to spend a fortune but could do with a professional once-over from someone with the right expertise.

A relaxed and collaborative working style

I find clients appreciate my non-pushy style of working. I will explain my thought process and the alchemy behind my marketing suggestions but ultimately, I want you to feel that the final result reflects who you are—not who I am.

What's with the sloths?

Sloth and Quill. Where on earth did that come from?

The sloth tattoo that started it all

Three years ago, I got my first tattoo—the very same image that has become the Sloth and Quill logo!

I was freelancing at this time but completely unbranded. I was working mostly through the Upwork website. The tattoo had nothing to do with what Sloth and Quill has become today.


The epitome of chill

I love sloths. For me, they represent the epitome of chill. After a hectic four years at the University of Cambridge followed by some pretty intense roles in my working career, I wanted a tattoo that reminded me to enjoy life and never let go of my inner sloth.

I’m not someone who takes life too seriously. I’m a lifelong prankster. I felt like nothing could better remind me to hold onto that laughter and joy more than the little guy I now have permanently inked on my right thigh.

The quill explained

And the quill? I’ve been a writer from the moment I could hold a pen. I must have been about six years old when my first ‘book’ was ‘published’ in the school library by an encouraging teacher. I was probably seven when my parents bought me my first little plastic typewriter—fully functional!

A lifelong love affair

Fiction was my first love, but copywriting is an equally passionate affair. I simply love working with language; there's a flow and power in it that not everyone appreciates. The way someone turns a phrase can completely change the meaning, feel, or impact of a sentence.

That's what my job is all about - creating sentences with impact. Whether that's to sell a product, give personality to a brand, convert a reader to a customer, describe a product so it sounds unmissable, or to carry the plot of a novel in a way that makes it impossible to put down, I use language with purpose.

Talk to me!

I’m always enthusiastic about meeting new clients. No task is too small—from a single blog post to a complete website rewrite, I’m happy and available to talk further. I offer free initial consultations for every interested customer. So why not contact me today to find out more?