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Who is Sloth and Quill?

Sloth and Quill is the brand I use to operate my marketing services in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. My name is Faye, and I am an experienced copywriter and innovative marketer. I am SEO-certified and have written over 100 novels for clients worldwide as a ghostwriter. I've also created advertising copy, blogs, brochures, web content, and much more over my five years as a freelancer.

What do I mean when I say ‘marketing services’?

I provide a broad range of services to SMEs, start-ups and sole traders throughout Lincolnshire and beyond. But what exactly does a professional marketer do?

In short, I provide the following services:


For some clients, I operate on a project-per-project basis, producing copy as it is needed or providing any of my other services ad-hoc. For others, they want to outsource the majority of their marketing work. I can do either.

Why choose Sloth and Quill?

You are working with an individual

I am not an agency. I am an individual sole trader operating under a brand that best showcases my personality. Like a sloth, I’m calm, relaxed, and low-fuss—that’s not to say I’m not fast-paced! My customers are often incredulous at the speed and efficiency of my work.

The advantage of working with a freelancer rather than an agency is the level of attention you receive, the flexibility in meetings and deadlines, and the endless scope of bespoke options.

Cost-efficient and transparent

Unlike many agencies or marketers who charge a monthly fee for what can sometimes seem a pretty abstract quantity of work, with Sloth and Quill, you know exactly what you’re paying for. I charge by word count. This means you get exactly what you pay for every time. A thousand words paid is a thousand words written. There’s nothing abstract about it.

Experienced and educated

I am a Cambridge-educated linguist—so language is in my blood. I understand the building blocks of language, and, as a marketer and experienced copywriter, I am skilled at using language to convert readers to buyers.

My copy is SEO-focused. I am SEO Copywriting Certified from the highly-respected Yoast Academy.

What’s more, I’ve worked­­—and continue to work­—with a reputable marketing agency as a contractor, so I know how the whole thing works. From the opening core sentence to the final call to action, from branding to sales conversion, from SEO to taglines­—to put it simply, I know what I’m doing.

The quirky academic

I studied at the University of Cambridge. All my life, I’ve been a methodical, dedicated worker who is a natural problem-solver, an avid researcher, and entirely self-motivated to an extreme level of productivity.

I work smart. Everything I write is based on a strong foundation of research. My copywriting is always focused, accurate, and high-impact. My editing and proofreading skills are rooted in my history as a linguist; my degree is in French and Russian. So, you can be confident the work I produce is intelligible, targeted, and error-free.

But I am quirky. I am innovative. I have personality in heaps.

I’ve got a natural flair for writing. In fact, I’ve written over 100 novels as a ghostwriter. This background in creative writing means my mind is always switched to imagination mode. I want to come in from an angle nobody’s come in from before. I want to inspire readers. I want to draw a smile from your site visitors.

You’re getting the best of both worlds when you choose to work with Sloth and Quill. You have the confidence of working with someone well-educated and highly-experienced, but you still benefit from the innovation that can only be inspired by someone slightly eccentric.

I think the sloth is case in point.


I work for myself so my schedule is my own. This means I can offer flexibility that agency workers can’t provide. There’s no boss telling me that my hours are 9-5pm. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, I can work around when you’re available so being busy doesn’t mean you get a second-rate service.

In fact, it means there might even be a gin and tonic involved. That can’t be bad, right?

Marketing Services


Telephone: 07975913373